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Equity Development Cooperative


Founded 2022


Chatham, Chicago, USA


For Our Community Members We

  • Advocate on Behalf of a Solidarity Community

  • Develop Residential + Commercial Corridors

  • Finance Innovative Pathways to Home + Business Ownership

  • Protect Resients from Displacement + Gentrification

  • Support Individual Aspartic s and self-Determinatnion

  • Replicate Sustainable models of Equity, Justice, and Peace Across the Nation


REUNITE CHATHAM NFP is the Fiscal Sponsor for one of the only predominantly-black, community-owned, and democratically-run development cooperatives in the country seeking to break the cycles of exploitive and extractive economics by keeping residents in their homes, supporting a vibrant business environment, and by improving the safety, security, and well-being of all within our community of Chatham Chicago and the surrounding areas.

Our partners seek to build a system that combats the injustice, bigotry, and underinvestment found within our neighborhoods. Together we understand that the growth of Equity through Home and Business Ownership is a proven pathway of intergenerational wealth creation and community development. 

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REJUVaNATION Landlord Tenant Photo Oct 2022.jpg
Image by Brandi Alexandra
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